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The 2021 Speedway Grand Prix begins on Friday. It will take 11 rounds to reveal the new speedway world champion. Bartosz Zmarzlik, the defending champion from Poland, has held the title for the past two years.

Each round will have 15 regular competitors, one with a wild card, plus two track reserves. The first and the second round will be held in Prague (Czech Republic).  A young Czech rider, Jan Kvech, will ride with the wild card there.

Each meeting consists of 23 heats  – 20 in the main round, 2 semifinals (for the best 8 riders) and then the final heat. The winner will get 20 points for the classification, the second rider will get 18 points, the third 16 etc. The rider with the most points after 11 rounds will become the new world champion.

You can watch Speedway Grand Prix via a live stream on πŸ‘ͺ CLICK HERE or on YouTube πŸ‘ͺ CLICK HERE. It’s free!

Official results and SGP rules can also be found on πŸ‘ͺ CLICK HERE


#95 Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland)
#108 Tai Woffinden (Great Britain)
#66 Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden)
#71 Maciej Janowski (Poland)
#30 Leon Madsen (Denmark)
#69 Jason Doyle (Australia)
#89 Emil Sayfutdinov (Russia)
#54 Martin Vaculik (Slovakia)
#46 Max Fricke (Australia)
#55 Matej Zagar (Slovenia)
#105 Anders Thomsen (Denmark)
#93 Oliver Berntzon (Sweden)
#187 Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poland)
#505 Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
#16 Jan Kvech (Czech Republic) – wild card
#17 Daniel Klima (Czech Republic) – track reserve
#18 Petr Chlupac (Czech Republic) – track reserve

FIM SGP points:
1st – 20 pts, 2nd – 18 pts, 3rd – 16 pts, 4th – 14 pts, 5th – 12 pts, 6th – 11 pts, 7th – 10 pts, 8th – 9 pts, 9th – 8 pts, 10th – 7 pts, 11th – 6 pts, 12th – 5 pts, 13th – 4 pts, 14th – 3pts, 15th – 2 pts, 16th – 1 pt, 17th and 18th – 0 pts.

July 16th and 17th

7 PM (Central Europe)
10 AM (California)
12 PM (Tennessee)
1 PM (New York)

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