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The rain didn’t stop Polish amateur speedway riders. On May 30th at Ostrow’s ¼ mile track 26 riders competed in a charity event. AKZ Speed Monkey Poland raised funds for Remigiusz and Krystian – two young boys from their hometown.

The fundraiser was organized to raise money for an electric wheelchair for Remigiusz and to cover the cost of Krystian’s ongoing treatments.

AKZ Speed Monkey raised more than 11,000 PLN (around $3,000). There were 500 people in the stands which was a club record. In addition to speedway, AKZ also organized dance and taekwondo shows. 

Mayor’s cup was won by Jacek Folkert who was unbeaten on the track. He finished first in all of his races and beat the previous amateur track record – 35.22 seconds (in two laps). Second was Mateusz Durkowiak who in a run-off beat Oskar Bela.

AKZ Speed Monkey showed that speedway is for everyone. The youngest speedway rider was 21, the oldest – 60 years old.

The event ended with two extra heats. First on vintage speedway bikes, second on bicycles. The bicycle race was won by Dawid Wasylkowski who received… 15 quail eggs.

The MISZ-MASZ group helped with organizing the event. Its members are physically or intellectually disabled individuals, volunteers, parents etc. They definitely made a lot of noise in the stands!

You can find some photos from the event in our Gallery. Additional photos can be found at the following links:


1. Jacek Folkert 15 points
2. Mateusz Durkowiak 14+3
3. Oskar Bela 14+2
4. Tomasz Olczak 13
5. Tomasz Kowalski 12
6. Jaroslaw Wawrzyniak 12
7. Dominik Picz 12
8. Andrzej Wnek 10
9. Milosz Ratajczyk 10
10. Leszek Nowicki 9
11. Dawid Bazanowski 9
12. Michal Pawlak 8
13. Tomasz Grzybek 6
14. Bogdan Barteczka 6
15. Dariusz Liberka 6
16. Arkadiusz Kaczmarek 5
17. Mateusz Kozanecki 5
18. Cezary Kozanecki 5
19. Sebastian Zielinski 5
20. Andrzej Wieczorek 4
21. Przemyslaw Plocienniczak 3
22. Fabian Stawinski 3
23. Wojciech Marciniak 3
24. Patryk Frankiewicz 3
25. Tomasz Potoczny 3
26. Lukasz Kaleta 2

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