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On May 30th the AKZ Speed Monkey Poland will organise a charity speedway event. They will raise funds for Remigiusz and Krystian – two young boys from their hometown who are in need of help.

Remigiusz has been battling spina bifida and hydrocephalus since birth. He plays basketball on a wheelchair. Krystian was a soccer player until a cancer diagnosis led to one of his legs being amputated. He is now waiting for a bone marrow transplant.

The fundraiser is to raise money for an electric wheelchair for Remigiusz and will cover the cost of Krystian’s ongoing treatments.

Everyone can help them as a race sponsor or via fundraising. Every dollar counts.

The race on May 30th will be an individual speedway event. The best amateurs from Poland will ride at the ¼-mile speedway track in the Polish city of Ostrow. Mateusz Kozanecki, Cezary Kozanecki and Jaroslaw Wawrzyniak, whom American speedway spectators know from a race in Tennessee in 2020, will compete in the race.

There will be a livestream of the event announced via Facebook. The winner will get the Ostrow Wielkopolski Mayor’s Cup.

Fundraiser (in Polish): [contact us if you need help with the website or the translation]



Mayor’s Cup
City Stadium, Ostrow Wielkopolski
May 30th, 1 PM Polish Time (7 AM New York time)

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